All Sides is a dynamic sole proprietorship multi-media public affairs company dedicated to informing the general public about important issues affecting their lives.  Operating from the premise that having a well informed citizenry is vital to the success of a free democratic society, All Sides is dedicated to producing quality multi-media public affairs programming that will provoke thought, stimulate activism, and enhance civil engagement to a broad but targeted audience.  It is a multi-platform media public-affairs company that delivers non-commercialized news to the general public through television, social media, and the web.

Types of Programming

“Conversations with Erroll Parker” – A series of intimate interviews with prominent individuals conducted by veteran journalist Erroll Parker.

Town Hall Meetings – Periodic public gatherings where interested citizens have the opportunity to listen to their leaders and governmental representatives answer questions and be interviewed by Erroll Parker. 

Panel Discussions – As part of our high priority on civil pubic engagement, All Sides will assemble a panel of prominent experts and analysts for the purpose of delving into pertinent subjects moderated by a skilled moderator.

Press Conferences – In order to make authoritative public officials accountable, All Sides will produce a program where local journalists will question elected officials regarding public policies they either oppose or defend.

Public Debates – All Sides will host periodic public debates involving two individual experts representing two opposing viewpoints.